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A saved image can be reviewed and edited again only using the .CNT file that the app saves for you in results.

CountThings from Photos Windows software

  1. Firstly, you need to enable this feature.

    Go to More – Settings – Save – What to save and enable Editable version of the photo with results option.

    Once activated, this option will be available for all future counts.

  2. Open new image, Count it and click Save.
  3. Click green button Saved.

    The CountThingsResults folder from your device will open.

  4. Check if you have SavedForEdit folder and open it.
  5. Double click on the .CNT file (in example below is 074_x_i0001.cnt), the photo with the results will open again in the application and it can be edited.
  6. After editing it, click Save.
  7. Open the CountThingsResults folder and check the SavedForEdit folder – there you should find the reedited photo saved (in my example 074_x_i0002.cnt).

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