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To use the CountThings software/app and all its advanced features, you need a license.

To get a license, you will need to:

  1. download and install the latest version of the CountThings from Photos app from (Windows, iOS, Android) on the device you want to use.
  2. create a CountThings Account (check our guide How do I create a CountThings Account?).

    The best practice is to create one generic company account for each country where the company operates (e,g. instead of multiple personal accounts (e.g.

    If you choose a generic email address, make sure that the email address (e.g.  is valid and that you receive emails sent to this address

  3. purchase a license (check our License Purchase guide for more details)

Useful information

CountThings Account is identified by “Account Email”.

A “Device Code” is automatically assigned to your device after you install the app and log-in to your CountThings Account.

The combination of “Account Email” and “Device Code” uniquely identify the device/computer for licenses allocation.

Each CountThings account can have multiple devices. Each device needs a license.

CountThings Account can have multiple users as long as all users log in with the Account Email and Password that was set when creating the account.

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