How to automatically count with the CountThings from Photos mobile app without any extra steps

Reading Time: 2 minutes To setup the automatic count workflow: 1.Go to Settings – General Settings – Workflows. 2.Turn Off Show Prepare Screen. With this option turned off, the app skips the Prepare screen and counts automatically the objects once the image is selected or immediately after taking the photo. 3.Then go back to General Settings – Counting Tools. […]

How to find the CountThings from Photos log files on device

Reading Time: 2 minutes To help you troubleshoot, we will need access to CountThings from Photos log files from your device. To access the log files : 1.Prepare an email with a description about the error you are getting. 2.Attach the CountThings app logs. The path for log files on your devices is: C:\ProgramData\Dynamic Ventures, Inc\Counting App\CountThings\Logs. As shown […]

How to reset password

Reading Time: 2 minutes Website | Windows software | iOS and Android apps website 1.Go to and click “login” in the top right corner of the page. 2.Click Forgot Password?  3.Insert your account email, click Continue, and you will receive an email with instructions about how to reset your password.  CountThings from Photos Windows software 1.Open the […]

How to contact Support

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our team is here to help you get set up, assist with technical difficulties, and answer billing related questions. E-mail us at, send us a message from our Contact Us form on the website, or send a Support Request from within the app. Windows software | iOS and Android apps Contact Support from […]